Friday, June 12, 2015

Tobermory, The Tobermory Cat, Duart Castle

Day #16,  June12

Today is our last day on Mull...and a glorious one at that! We're very happy--and very, very thankful--not only for this beautiful day, but for all the ones we've thrived on this week. The beautiful blue skies, lovely warm sun, picturesque clouds, stunning lochs, fresh spring green hillsides, trees, ferns and bracken, sheep grazing contentedly with countryside to die for have all added up to make us ever so joyful. 

This morning when we drove into Tobermory to visit the Museum of Mull and do last minute shopping the sky was a vivid blue and the reflections sparkling in the water of the brightly-colored houses all along the Main Street were stunning. Another photographer's dream day! Having explored the museum on our last trip here I followed my instincts and went where my camera led. First stop just happened to be the Tobermory Beach where on our previous visit here Isabelle, Victoria, and Lily found Tobermory's famous cat of children's literature fame. And, like magic, there was the 'Tobermory Cat' for me to photograph for them. Such a fun find especially since I had been secretly looking for him. 

Next on our agenda for the day was a visit to Duart Castle, home of the Mac Cleans. Today we were seeing it in the best light and from its shores midst the panoramic view of the mountains on the mainland stood Scotland's highest Munro, Ben Nevis (4,409 ft tall), garbed in fresh snow looking like a calendar picture. The castle's interior and exterior were impressive. 

Home now sitting in the garden in the warm sun drinking a new version of my favorite celebratory drink, a 'creamsicle'--a mixture of orange juice, peach schnapps and vanilla ice cream. Since I couldn't get a small portion of vanilla ice cream, I bought the Brit's version of an American creamsicle (a Solero) and added it. Very yummy and cold and refreshing! Surprise of surprise, I'm actually writing today's blog post before midnight. Oops, time to go to dinner.

Home now from dinner and ready to travel to the mainland tomorrow and head toward the Glasgow area for a few nights. 

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