Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Oh, joy! English gardens...Grey's Court and Cliveden Manor, Home safely!

Heading home today! Fair wells to the Yule Kuehnes and we were off to explore 2 gardens en route to Heathrow for our flight home. Greys Court garden was first on our list and happy wanderings were throughly enjoyed in spite of the rain that fell. Beauty was everywhere. Every garden room displayed blooms galore. It's June so roses are at peak as are clematis. The white garden was glorious. Every now and then there were patches of blue sky so we lived in hope that the day would clear...and it surely did! Picturesque garden walls added to the prettiness of the garden. At the end of our garden tour it was hard to say which 'room' was our favorite.

By noon we were on the road again in search of Cliveden House and Garden. Cliveden was a different kind of garden with its maze, water garden, long garden, and parterre. All were stunning. Brilliant sun shone creating a beautiful blue sky with beautiful white puffy clouds. We loved our meanderings there and were happy for the long walks between the different garden areas knowing we had a seven hour flight ahead of us. 

Returned our rental car, checked in, and departed on schedule. We're now on our flight home and expect an early arrival in Boston. Once again we've been blessed with a wonderful and safe vacation with hundreds and hundreds of photos to prove it. Thanks for following us on our journey. In the next week or so I may post some additional favorite photos. HOME SAFELY and HAPPILY NOW! Photos of Grey's Court garden first. A second post will feature Cliveden Manor garden. Enjoy!

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