Monday, June 1, 2015

Day #2. In Felpham, On The South Coast of England

Friday, May 29. Awakened early to a grey day with a light drizzle that altered our plans. Instead of heading out to a National Trust garden not far away Margaret, Bill and I took a leisurely walk down to Felpham village stopping off at the parish church where Alan was priest some time after York. After lunch we drove to Portsmouth to a favorite fish market of Alan's to buy some scallops, fresh from the sea, for dinner. While there the sun burst forth and it was lovely watching the ferry heading off to Brittany, a place I've longed to visit ever since I taught reading to my third graders at West Parish School in Gloucester using the reader, "If I Were Going," with a section on Brittany. After a pleasant tea stop at their daughter Catherine's and a chance to see their 4 lovely children we drove back to Felpham in brilliant sunshine just in time for Alan to cook up the fresh scallops. They were delicious, sweet, tender, and served with the most scrumptious wine and cream sauce with English bacon and fresh herbs. Oh, so very yummy! 

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