Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Rain! Rainbows! and Happy Hikers!

Day # 4. Sunday, May 31. Right after breakfast and a quick check of the day's weather we pulled on our hiking boots prepared for a a misty, moisty morning with sunny spells. Just up the road from our cottage we joined the footpath to Wanfell, up, up, and away to the high fells with great views all along our path even in the grey and fog. Patches of blue sky cheered us on and kept us hopeful for the rest of the day's weather. As we tramped on we stopped to admire the adorable spring lambs and their moms, beautiful beef cows and their calves, and a variety of pretty wild flowers. Just after noon we made our descent back into Troutbeck invigorated by our first hike of the week and our stomachs growling and more than ready for a Sunday roast at The Mortal Man village pub. Our platter of scrumptious roast beef and Yorkshire pudding with lots of yummy gravy served with both roast and mashed potatoes, a mixture of veggies plus roasted carrots and leeks was a sight to be seen and feasted on. So delicious!

When we came out of "The Mortal Man" the sun was shining brightly so we made a quick decision to drive to Holehird Garden for some colorful and happy wanderings there. Twas all very beautiful! One of the highlights of the garden this visit was the tufa greenhouse, a combination of all different sizes and shapes of tufa filled with plants...fascinating, delicate, and very pretty. Since Malcolm was so taken by its loveliness, I've challenged him to try his creativity with one when he's back home. 

While the others napped I sat in the rocking chair by the large living room window and read. On a quick glance out the window I spied a beautiful rainbow over the fells and caught sight of another one on our gorgeous evening drive out to Little and Great Langdale. Herdwick sheep filled the fields and the late evening sun shone beautifully on the hillsides 

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