Monday, June 1, 2015

A Blogging I will go...

Wed., May 27 Travel treats from a first time's been a long time getting posts off the iPad and on to the blog. Already we are in day 5 of our travels...

After a lesson on blogging last night from our friend Allegra I'm eager now to finish up the bits and pieces on my "To Do" list, tackle some garden chores, add a few more things to our luggage and set off for merrie ole England, one of my many loves. 

But first we'll journey across town to give good-bye hugs and kisses to our 4 grand daughters, very, very high on my list of loves. 

We plan to tuck in before the clock strikes midnight so we can arise early enough tomorrow morning to fill a few garden pots with colorful plants and prepare to get to Logan on time for our evening flight to London.

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