Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Middleton Hall Restorations (house and garden), Nature Trails, Bird Watching

.Day 21. A full and interesting day that was a wonderful combination of exploring Middleton Hall, its restorations and its colorful, heated walled garden with its beds and paths laid out in a union jack shape, Middleton Pool and its many birds, tea breaks, and later in the day we drove a short distance to Kingsbury Water Park to observe the water birds there. Very exciting! Middleton Hall has had an interesting history with its first building dating to the 13th century. Elizabeth I was a visitor there in 1575. Gertrude Jekyll, famous gardener, visited the garden many times. The buildings were in total disrepair and threatened to be torn down when a trust was formed in 1977 and committed themselves to restoring the buildings and gardens. In both places we walked on nature trails that ran along lakes and canals. We were able to observe a variety of birds on small islands scattered here and there on the lakes, some were nesting, the odd heron was seen across the lake in a tree and on the ground, a grebe floated by us, as did a variety of ducks and coots, and many more. There was so much to see I had a difficult time dragging myself away. When a light rain began to fall, our legs tired from all the walking and dinner time fast approaching, we dragged ourselves away and headed home. 'Twas a super day for sure! Shortly after one of Valerie's yummy dinners, and just about as I settled down in the conservatory to enjoy the garden and write my blog, I glanced up at the sky to see the most beautiful and vividly-colored rainbow. Outdoors I rushed to photograph it. As is often the case when photographing rainbows I couldn't get the full sweep of it in nor could I quite capture its true beauty either from the garden or the front of the house. The sky was beautiful where ever we gazed and assured us of a good day tomorrow...'pink sky at night, a sailor's delight'...we trust that will be true. 

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