Monday, June 15, 2015

Charles Rennie Mackintosh...A Museum Collection/A Church/A School of Art/A Tearoom

Day #19, June 15. With the list of things to see and do in tow we started out soon after the breakfast buffet here at the hotel. It was going to be a Charles Rennie Mackintosh Day. The starting point was the  Kelvingrove Art Museum with the rooms devoted to Rennie Mackintosh art first on my agenda. These rooms were no disappointment at all. As I was headed for the Mackintosh exhibit I noticed another room devoted to the 'Glasgow Boys'. I made a mental note to explore those rooms next. There I found a good assortment of paintings I especially liked and photographed a few. 

We then drove across town for a tour of  Mackintosh's Glasgow School of Art which we thought was reopened after the serious fire that destroyed so much of it a couple years ago. However, we quickly learned it had a lot of renovating before it could open. A disappointment! We had to satisfy ourselves with a look round the temporary museum. The combination of text and artifacts from the inside of the GSA helped us to imagine some of what we were missing by not actually getting inside. 

In keeping with our theme for the day, Rennie Mackintosh and his art work, we next visited the only church (Queens Cross) he designed, both the exterior and interior. At one time the church was threatened to be torn down, but it was saved and now houses a Mackintosh center. 

By then it was 2:30 and we were more than ready for some sustenance. Tea and scone served with clotted cream and jam sounded perfect. The top choice for a tea break was the Mackintosh-designed Willow Tea Rooms. The icing on the cake for our two days of seeing Mackintosh design. A super ending indeed! 

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