Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Brothers Water Hike

Monday, June Day #5. Bright sun in the early morning tempted me outdoors with my camera where I wandered happily along our village road stopping often to photograph the brightly-hued azaleas, the fresh spring green fields and trees, baby sheep wiggling their little tails faster  than fast while enjoying breakfast from their mums, pretty wild flowers covering the stone walls, and pink clematis 'montana' covering walls and framing doors. After a tasty cooked breakfast we donned our hiking gear and set off to hike around Brothers Water in Deep Dale. Beautiful Lake District scenery the whole time.

Home to our cozy cottage for a simple lunch of tomato soup and a variety of cheeses. When the rain fell steadily, we decided to do some indoor things. First we poked (and purchased a few items) in Lakeland, a shop we always enjoy...it's filled with kitchen, cleaning, baking, cooking and dining products. The rest of the day we relaxed, read, napped, caught up on computer stuff, sipped tea and ate crumpets until Malcolm rang the dinner bell for a delicious dinner of tarragon chicken, rice, and green beans.  Delicious! 

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