Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tea in Barry's Garden in Sutton Coldfield

"Day #20, Tues., June 16

A week of travels to go! We left Glasgow this morning after dropping the Reids at Glasgow Airport. Most of our traveling today was on busy highways. Thankfully, the countryside in England is almost always beautiful even from the highways, a pleasant distraction from the cars and trucks whizzing by. We made a very, very quick detour to Skipton, a market town in the Yorkshire Dales, to replace a valance for our dining room window that has worn out. The Yorkshire Dales are one of our most favorite places. That made it so frustrating to be in the Dales but not staying! The day was lovely (74) and we so wanted to hike there. Too beautiful to be in a car on a major road and not outdoors hiking. Everything was looking so fresh and green with buttercup meadows everywhere. For miles all along the verges there were pretty daisies in bloom. Although a peek at the Dales was a tease we were looking forward to being with Barry and Valerie in their warm and welcoming home and sitting in their pretty garden and relaxing. After our arrival here feeling weary from our long drive and longing to be outdoors on such a warm and sunny day, Valerie and Barry offered us just that...tea served in their lovely garden with a selection of Valerie's freshly-baked yummy goodies surrounded by a selection of beautiful flowers...roses (red, white, yellow, and shades of pink) the sizes of which we rarely see, pretty clematis, both single and double flowering, plus iris and traepolium (nasturtium family) and many more blooms. The attached flower photos (plus one of Yorkshire from the car window and a couple of the canal boats in Skipton) were taken from our bedroom window a few minutes ago just before posting yesterday's entry. The large shades of pink clematis is named, 'ooh, la, la'...we were with them when Barry bought it a few years ago. It's good to see it blooming so well. 

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